40 simple things to make -40 less terrible!

It’s January 8, 2022; and let’s be honest, there is no other meme to to represent the last 3 weeks in Saskatchewan than this one:

If you’ve been around the block in Saskatchewan, you know this is the wild reality for winter, and can (mostly) grin and bear it until the weather breaks.  Maybe even lean in and embrace it.  But when it’s sooo cold for sooo long, I think it is only fair to let out a realistic FFS, and share your angst a bit. 

Thats what we did on Instagram:

and asked people out there to share a simple thing or two that has brought them moments of peace and joy. 

The responses were all types of make you feel warm and cozy inside magic. We loved reading the simple things people have been doing, and we think you might too! 

Thank you to our Life Outside community for all who responded – you never disappoint. We actually got over 40 ideas, but here are 40 simple things to make minus 40 a little less terrible:

1.  No stroller naps meant more sleeping baby snuggles.

2.  Heated shop so we can start up tractors and still feed our animals in these temperatures! (just need a break on frozen water bowls!)

3.  Sunshine!

4. Baking

5. Cuddles with kitty. Reading lots, workouts on treadmill, and knitting!

6.  Walking my dog off leash through the streets because there are zero people out! 

7.  A snow lantern!

8.  Movie snuggles with kids, and beautiful frost art on the windows.

9.  Good reads and a cup of tea.

10. Soft blanket Tea and Netflix

11.  Drinking hot chocolate whenever you want. Afternoon, evening, eff it! 

12.  Working from home. 

13. Watching my big dog walk in her little booties.

14.  How much I appreciate -20 afterwards.

15.  New cozy pyjamas and slippers.

16.  A onsie-style snow suit. It made winter suck a lot less to just be able to put on 1 thing and go!

17.  Hot, good coffee in the morning.

18.  All this snow! I hate years its -40 and barely snow because than what’s the point?

19.  My neighbour brought over pizza and ribs supper for us. Just because.

20.  Lighting candles in our home!

21.  Fuzzy socks, bubble baths, coffee, no school days – extended holiday with the kids.

22.  Ice cream

23.  blanket forts in front of the fireplace with the kids.

24.  Endless amounts of tea. 

25.  The new season of Queer Eye.

26.  Good book.

27.  Puzzles.

28. Puppy snuggles.

29.  A new Disney movie release!

30.  KariTraa base layer

31.  Wool socks

32. Re watching Harry Potter.

33.  A pot of cinnamon/clove etc on the store making our place smell warm and comforting!

34.  Hot water bottle in bed before I get in.

35.  GT rides around the block!

36.  The joy of seeing frozen lashes. Always makes me laugh.

37.  Bath bombs.

38.  Board games!

39.  SMARTWOOL socks. everyday. worth every penny!

40.  Mum’s leftover shortbread

This lifted out spirits, maybe it might do so for you too. 

I know it gave me some ideas for giving myself some love, and  to those around me. Hello hot chocolate anytime anywhere!  See you outside soon, when -15 will feel like the tropics.